Hey, there. Welcome to Herbstead, a blog the cultivation, culinary and medicinal uses of various plants.

I’m a hobby gardener and herbalist, a homemade herbal stuff aficionado, and a caretaker of two lovely black cats. I live with my husband on a 2,080 m² (1/2 acre) plot of land south of Hamburg, Germany where I grow several types of medicinal, culinary and ornamental plants. From these plants, I prepare delicious meals, decorate the house and make products for our cosmetic and medicinal cabinets.

My interest in gardening started during our month long honeymoon trip to Canada. My husband’s aunt is a professional gardener and we spend some days at her Bed and Breakfast in Mattawa, Ontario. To my delight, she took me along to some of her gardening jobs and gave me some seeds to take back home. The rest is history.

There is something about Germany that made me want to be closer to nature than I’d ever been while living in the States and in Brazil, my homeland. Maybe it is the abundance of trees and gardens. After all, I used to live near NYC and in Sao Paulo. This call led me to pursue a deeper understanding about plants. It lead me to become a phytotherapy apprentice. I enrolled at the reputable Heilpflanzeschule Verden because I wanted to learn from the professionals in the area. Although I have already finished the year long course and received my certificate, I still feel there still a lot to learn. And this is why I’ve started this blog. It’s a venue for sharing ways to utilize plants to the benefit of our lives.

So, welcome to Herbstead – I hope you stick around! There are lots of things to be made from plants.