1. Lovely video Giovanna thank you so much, you have paced it just right and are so inspiring! I cannot wait to make a herbal footbath, something I have not done for a long time. Looking forward to part two X

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. I’m learning great things to share with my community. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt deeply calm and relaxed. I have brief moments and am working toward having more and longer moments. ✌🏼

  3. Hi Giovanna, Firstly I have to say this is a beautiful video. I love your expression and your pacing is just right! the background sunshine garden is very inviting. You look very at ease and love to hear you saying Herbs instead of ‘erbs. Today my cleaner told me I am too stressed out, I get told fairly frequently by people close to me (like my mother, or my daughter hmmm) It figures, I carry some burdens and want to restart meditation!
    Yet I can say I am naturally a very calm and unstressed person. I am most calm relaxed and satisfied when I am at work sitting treating traumatised clients. Or else following my yoga classes.

    I am looking forward to putting herbs into my repertory of healing healthy practices.

    1. Author

      Hi Jacqui. Thanks for your kind words. I can imagine that your work relaxes, satisfies and centers you. Great to hear you’re going to give herbs a chance. You will be glad you did!

  4. Wonderful & very informative. I’m excited to view the next video & continue on my journey of learning more about herbalism. πŸ’›

  5. Congratulations on your inspired mini-series Giovanna! Wonderful, interesting 1st video and am looking forward to the rest of this mini-series, and to trying out the herbal foot soak, teas, and herbal infusions. Thank you!

  6. Lovely, Giovanna! Congratulations on starting this mini-class. Can’t wait for the next video : ) To answer your question, I’d say I am calm, relaxed and satisfied most of the time and know a trick or two, but sometimes I’m either too lazy or too wound up to even try any technique. However, who wouldn’t love a herbal (foot) bath AND a tea? I haven’t done that in ages, so today is a good day to go for it. Thank you! Much love xxx

    1. Author

      Oh, Kathy, I love to know that you are calm, relaxed and satisfied most of the time. That is wonderful. Let me know which herbs you’ll use in your herbal foot bath and tea. Love and hugs

  7. This was fabulous Giovanna. Very interesting and informative. I don’t thinkI have ever done a foot bath but just thinking about it relaxes me : ) Looking forward to the next video πŸ’›

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