1. Thank you again Giovanna for a lovely and informative video. I use Oats regularly in the form of a tincture and have used St John’s Wort in the past. I drink lots of Camomile tea, use Lemon Balm to sooth digestion and also sometimes make Valerian flower tea in the summer. Just watching your video is calming as it is a reminder of all the wonderful plants there are to help us! X

  2. Author

    Great favorites, Kathy. It’s easier to get nettles when you grow then yourself or wildcraft them. Rhodiola is fantastic. I showed the picture of the leaves but the medicinal value is really in the roots.

  3. My favourites are lavender and lemon balm. I’ve also used nettles when I still had my garden (miss it!), they are not easy to come by otherwise, as unfortunately they are often regarded as weeds. Never heard of rhodiola (is it?) before, but that one looks good, would like to learn more about it. Thank you for another fabulous beautiful video, Giovanna!

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