Herbs for the Nerves

Find out how to correctly use medicinal herbs for stress, anxiety and depression

What is it?

An online course designed to take you deeper in understanding how and which herbs affect the nervous system as well as how to turn these herbs into herbal preparations.

Module 1: Essential Nutrients

You will find out which herbs contain the essential nutrients that may promote better memory, improve learning abilities, soothe anxiety, uplift the spirit, and help you adapt to stressful situations.

Module 2: Herbs that Strengthen the Nervous System
You will find out which effects different herbs have on the nervous system and what that means for you.

Module 3: How to Use Herbs
You will discover how to make six different concoctions that soothe, nourish and strengthen your nervous system so that you can better cope with stress and anxiety.

Module 4: Supportive Therapies for the Nervous System
You will find out which supportive therapies you can use along with herbs to increase health and feelings of well-being.

Each module includes a lesson on how to apply the knowledge you’ve gained right away.

What's in for you

By the end of the 4 Modules you will be able to confidently create herbal preparations that are helpful for stress, anxiety, depression, and cognitive function.

You will also:

  • move from just reading about herbal remedies to actually making something
  • understand the herbs as medicine and how to use them safely
  • find out how to incorporate plants into everyday life (recipes!)
  • be able to apply your newly gained knowledge to get creative and make your own recipes.
  • feel more confident in your knowledge of herbal remedies, herbal medicine making and its uses.
  • learn correctly to be able to pass on the knowledge

Especially around stress management, anxiety and cognitive function.

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