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Stop the guesswork and start using medicinal herbs with confidence.

Herbs have helped me overcome anxiety, improve eyesight and avoid a surgery. They have been giving me the energy and stamina I needed to keep up with my 1/2 acre garden on my own. In the cold, damp and dark winters, they bright up my mood. Not to mention the many colds that were stopped before they took hold.

The long and short of it is….herbs WORK…when they are used correctly.

Herbs are health allies you can feel 100% confident about. They are nature’s most precious gifts to all beings on Earth. Even obligate carnivores, such as felines, munch on certain plants. Herbs contain phytonutrients often lacking in our diets. They are easy to add to every day life and can be easily taken along when you go on vacation. Great! Let’s start using herbs.

But as soon as you decide to add herbs to your life… you run into SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Almost every day I have people asking me about herbs and if they can do this or that with them. Or if what they read on Google is correct.

How do I safely make herbal medicine?
What is the correct dosage?
I heard someone say this about this herb, is it true?
Is this herb safe?
Where can I learn more about herbs?
This person said this, Google said that and that and that… Who do I believe?
What are some good beginner plants to learn and grow that can be used with the whole family?
Where do I buy herbs if I can’t grow my own?
I took this herb and it didn’t work. What did I do wrong?


I know how it feels, I had the exact same questions when I first started integrating herbs in my daily life.

My solution was to go to school and learn everything. By everything, I mean from plant identification all the way to chemistry. I completely immersed myself in my studies and even grew the plants so I wouldn’t have to take time to wildcraft them.

But not everyone has time to do this. So, I spent months considering developing a course that is less academic and more hands on.

Since apart from hair, nails and cartilage there are nerves everywhere in the body, I decided to start with the nervous system. Besides, in this day and age, who wouldn’t benefit by stress relieving, nerve tissue nourishing, and mental clarity promoting herbs? Herbs are a source of nutrients, energy and vitality for the whole body. This is why I decided to create Herbs for the Nerves.

What is Herbs for the Nerves?

Herbs for the Nerves is a 4-module online course designed to take you deeper in understanding how and which herbs affect the nervous system as well as how to turn these herbs into herbal preparations.

In each module we cover one aspect of nervous system health:

Giovanna in the gardenModule 1: Essential Nutrients
You will find out which herbs contain the essential nutrients that may promote better memory, improve learning abilities, soothe anxiety, uplift the spirit, and help you adapt to stressful situations.

Module 2: Herbs that Strengthen the Nervous System
You will find out which effects different herbs have on the nervous system and what that means for you.

Module 3: How to Use Herbs
You will discover how to make six different concoctions that soothe, nourish and strengthen your nervous system so that you can better cope with stress and anxiety.

Module 4: Supportive Therapies for the Nervous System
You will find out which supportive therapies you can use along with herbs to increase health and feelings of well-being.

Each module includes a lesson on how to apply the knowledge you’ve gained right away.

By the end of the 4 Modules you will be able to confidently create herbal preparations that are helpful for stress, anxiety, depression, and cognitive function. 

You will also:

  • move from just reading about herbal remedies to actually making something
  • understand the herbs as medicine and how to use them safely
  • find out how to incorporate plants into everyday life (recipes!)
  • be able to apply your newly gained knowledge to get creative and make your own recipes.
  • feel more confident in your knowledge of herbal remedies, herbal medicine making and its uses.
  • learn correctly to be able to pass on the knowledge

Especially around stress management, anxiety and cognitive function.

What’s included?
  • 4 Modules including practical lessons to apply what you are learning as you go.
  • Lifetime Access to the Herbs for the Nerves course

Four bonuses

  • Bonus #1: Full herb profile. You’ll learn how each herb affects the other systems in the body, how to grow, harvest and store them.
  • Bonus #2: Tea blend recipes.
  • Bonus #3: Herbal Glossary. Printable for a quick reference.
  • Bonus #4: Q&A video answering all your questions
When is the course taking place?

This course is completely self study. It goes live on March, 12, 2018 when we release Module 1. Each week we are going to release a new module.

Here is the schedule:

Module 1.  March 12th
Module 2.  March 19th
Module 3.  March 26th
Module 4.  April 2nd

The date for the Q&A video(s) will be announced after the beginning of the course.

The course is only open for registration until Thursday, March 8th at midnight PST.

How much is it?

Join Today for only $197 for lifetime access to the Herbs for the Nerves pilot course as well as all the bonuses!

Because this is a pilot course, it is priced an introductory price. The next time we open Herbs for the Nerves, it will be a full, longer course and it will cost much more. Everyone who signs up for the pilot course will get a free upgrade to the full course when it is made available.

When should I decide?

Really… the time is NOW.

If you know you want to do this… join now! The course will go live on March, 12th.

Your Questions Answered

I have no previous knowledge of herbal medicine. Will this course be too demanding for a beginner?

No. Herbs for the Nerves is a course for beginners in herbal medicine. If you have limited or no knowledge of herbs and how to use them to make herbal medicine, this course is for you.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we have a 7 day no-questions-asked refund policy. If you decide this isn’t for you within 7 days of joining, simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase. To support the students in moving forward together we do not offer refunds beyond the 7 day cut-off.

I’m not sure about the timing. When will you be offering this again?

The current plan is to close for registrations until summer 2018. However, this is the first and last time we are offering it as a pilot course at a deep discount. The next course will be a full course priced at

Have a question I didn’t answer?

Send me an email at giovanna@herbstead.com and I’ll get it answered!

Ready to find out how to use medicinal herbs to support your nervous system?

Join now. This course registration is closing on Thursday, March 8th at midnight PST.